You Are A Self-Conscious Co-Creator: What You Think About Matters – Insights from the Wilderness #12B

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”
Rilke’s Book of Hours

What You Think About Matters

We create what we think about

Our thoughts and emotions are far more powerful than most of us realize. They create our happiness, our unhappiness, and they are totally responsible for the life we are currently living. In fact, they not only shape our lives, they impact the ongoing evolution of our universe.

You probably think I’m overstating it a bit. I’m not. Let’s continue.

It’s important to understand that our thoughts and emotions create virtually all of the energy we send into the universe and those around us. But what’s even more important is recognizing that our thoughts and emotions don’t just happen. If we can learn to become more self-aware, we can develop the skills necessary to have total control over them. We can create whatever life we want to live.

Given that so many of us go through life unaware that what we think about is a choice it’s no wonder we create so much conflict and unhappiness for ourselves. Let’s take a brief look at the power of thought.

First we need to understand that the creation of all form is first preceded by consciousness. For example, the Consciousness we call Creator created the form we call our universe.

A form may be a thing, but it could also be an emotion, an attitude, behavior, or words.

Most of us have no trouble accepting the idea of the consciousness of the Creator, but rarely do we move to the next logical step and think about the deeper implications of this simple concept.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the story.

Over the last 14.7 billion years, the universe has slowly evolved from the singularity of the Big Bang and the hydrogen gas that was created from nothing in that moment of creation. Over time that gas further evolved into matter, stars, galaxies, life, and eventually consciousness.

About 35,000 years ago the consciousness of the human species evolved from animal consciousness into what we call reflexive consciousness. Stated simply, we became a self-conscious species. We became conscious of our own consciousness.

Through the process of evolution, humanity had developed the ability to contemplate the universe and the meaning of life itself.

From that moment on the evolution of the human species shifted from a very slow biological process into the evolution of its new consciousness. If we could imagine it in our minds, we could become it, we could create it.

Because all form is first preceded by consciousness, it meant that humanity had become a Co-Creator with the Creator of the universe. Like the Creator, we now had the ability to use our newly evolved consciousness to create form.

Only recently are we beginning to understand more fully the incredible power of human consciousness.

In just 35,000 years, we have learned to create life in a laboratory, and we will soon have the ability to alter our DNA and prevent disease. Our journey to the stars is just a matter of time and immortality could be within our grasp within a few generations.

We may not yet have the wisdom and knowledge of the Creator, but we do have the ability to create language, writing, music, and mathematics; all of the forms we call human civilization.

We are even beginning to understand more deeply the moral implications of our ability to use thoughts to create the forms of pain and suffering, compassion, love, hate, healing, forgiveness, peace, empathy, and friendship.

We are a species with “free will” and we are slowly learning to be more responsible for the forms we choose to create.

Deciding what we choose to create means we have to take responsibility for the thoughts and emotions we think about because they become the forms that we contribute to the ongoing creation and evolution of the Universe.

We have to be willing to accept full responsibility, individually and collectively, for the evolution of our consciousness. We have to be willing to intentionally become more self-aware that the energy we are sending into the universe is no longer an option.

Until we do, the unconscious primitive ego that resides in each of us will continue to create the negative forms of unhappiness, judgment, conflict, and violence that we see so much of in the world today.

What we think about matters. What we think about is in our control. We can no longer claim to be at the mercy of our thoughts and emotions.

We are fully self-conscious Co-Creative beings.

Stated simply, we are no longer merely observers of the evolutionary process, we “are” the evolutionary process. We can choose the life we want to live and the direction we want evolution to take.

If you want to be happy … make it happen.  If you want to be successful … make it happen. With enough practice perhaps someday we can even create a universe together.

Rainer Maria Rilke, one of the twentieth century’s greatest poets, wrote these poems at the age of 23. For anyone interested in spiritual growth Rilke’s Book of Hours is a spiritually inspiring book to own and read. Rilke makes clear that our role in the world is simply to love it. His words are an “invigorating vision of spiritual practice for the secular world”.  Dick Rauscher

Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

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